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Tabless Lyra

Stainless steel tabless lyra.
Single Point Lyra

Stainless steel single point lyra.
Double Point Lyra

Stainless steel double point lyra.
LED Lyra

Stainless steel. Extended tab holds battery case/control unit. Single tab only. Batteries not included.
Moon Shaped Lyra

Stainless steel. Zig-zag design increases strength.
Heart Shaped Lyra

Stainless steel. Curved insert at bottom for similar feel to a standard lyra. Double tab only.
Flat Top Lyra

Stainless steel. Trapeze style flat bar at the top.
Aerial Cube

Airplane grade aluminum bars/stainless steel corners. Collapsible. Strong and light.
LED Aerial Cube

Aerial cube with LEDs built in.

Fade or solid settings. 76mm ball. Adjustable string length. Double grips.
Contact Poi

Nice weight. 80mm balls. 50cm string.
Fire Poi: 50mm wick

Quick Kevlar change out system.
Single Point Aerial Rig

16' height. 16'x20' footprint. 5 feet leg segments for easy construction.
Triple Point Aerial Rig

16' height. 16'x20' footprint. 5 feet leg segments for easy construction.
Pulley System

Highly recommended for changing out gear quickly. Requires purchase of triple point aerial rig. Comes with 3 carabiners, 3 pulleys, cleat, and 75' climbing rope. Cleat requires DIY attachment to bottom segment of leg.
Feet with Supportive Straps

A must for non grass surfaces. Feet will keep floor/rig from being damaged. Straps prevent splaying.
Bean Bag Ball: 64mm

Most popular juggling ball for the price. Hand sewn stretch fabric.
Play Stage Ball: 80mm

The 80mm size is a great balance between ease of use and visibility.
Play Stage Ball: 100mm

Brightly colored and visible for stage performance. Also popular for contact juggling.
Luster LED Balls

3 batteries power this semi-hard, 70mm shelled ball. Great for stage shows or night juggling!
MMX Ball: 62mm

Soft ball. One of the more popular juggling balls.
Sil-X Ball: 78mm

Larger and heavier than the MMX. Filled with a special liquid silicone.
Henry's Circus Diabolo: 5.7" diam

Rubber cups make for an indestructible triple bearing diabolo. Top choice! Handsticks not included.
Raider Triple Bearing Diabolo: 5" diam

Similar design as the Sundia Diabolo at half the price!
LED Diabolo

Super bright LEDs! Clear molded cups let the light shine through. Handsticks not included.
Primo Fiberglass Diabolo Handsticks: 13"

Lightweight with EVA handgrips. Great value for the price!
Jive Diabolo Handsticks

Our less expensive diabolo handsticks, but still great quality. Injection molded for the perfect flex. Black only. Comes with string.
LED Set for Diabolos

Fits most diabolos besides the Henry's. Batteries not included.
Euro Diabolo String: 25m

Premium diabolo string! Less friction and prevents tangles.
Moon Unit Club: 20.5"

Fantastic value! Professional composite juggling club at a low price.
Henry's Delphin Club: 20.47"

Preferred by many jugglers all over the world!
New Play PX4 Sirius Wrapped Handle: 20.5"

The best Play club on the market! Fiberglass core!
Henry's Pirouette

Henry's best. Soft and ribbed make it an excellent club for half spins.
Prodigy Torch Club

Nicely weighted and responsive at a competitive price.
Juggling Knife

Nicely weighted with an air cushioned wrapped handle.
LED Club: 19.5"

Two LED assemblies in both handle and body. 7 color changing.
Nitra Devil Sticks

Canadian maple core with 2mm silcione coating
Glitter Devil Sticks

A well balanced stick with slow performance speeds. Great for beginners as well as pros!
Silicone Devilstick Handsticks

Super responsive! Silicone around a maple core. 18" length. Price is for set of two.
Mesh Prop Bag

24" x 9" mesh multipurpose bag.
Cyr Wheel

5 piece Cyr wheel. PVC sheath. CNC fabricated for perfection.
LED Cyr Wheel

Our 5 piece wheel with snap-to-connect LEDs.
German Wheel

Stainless steel German wheel. CNC fabricated for perfection. Collapsible.
Cyr Wheel Bag

A perfect bag for carrying your Cyr wheel! Fits any size wheel. Inside pockets for bolts/wrench.
PVC Sheath Replacement

Worn skin? Want a new color? Enough material to reskin your wheel.
28kN Oval Steel Carabiner

Our less expensive twist-lock carabiner. Use steel on steel whenever possible for decreased wear.
50kN Oversized D Steel Carabiner

Super strong oversized 45kN design. Auto-lock makes it worry free. Use steel on steel whenever possible for decreased wear.
30kN Swivel

Sealed bearing swivel. Important addition to keep gear free spinning and prevent binding. Color may vary depending on stock.
40kN Figure 8

For silk/tissue use. Color may vary depending on stock.
23kN 6' Sling

Double wall cover. 6' length. 1 3/4" width. Contact us if you need a different size. Color may vary depending on stock.
23kN 4' Nylon Runner

Great use for many applications. Contact us if you need a different size. Color may vary depending on stock.
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